Good Bye Community

(Last write up as BABA president for eNewsletter)

At the eve of 2012, it is my turn to say goodbye to the community as a president of BABA. I, along with EC of 2012, wanted to see the community culturally active. The word ‘culture’ is very subjective. In a very simple way, we can explain it as a media that is very close to our hearts. It is obvious that we can breathe comfortably when our surroundings are very familiar to us. That is why we try to feel our roots by simulating the environment of our back home through the media of culture. Like any other species in this world, culture also evolves. Our taste is different from our previous generation and so is true for our next generation. But we cannot deny the connection of chronological changes that take place generation after generation. This is why we introduce our culture to our next generation, so that they can develop their own cultural identity without feelings of being rootless.

One of the strengths of USA is its diversity. We have to utilize the power of diversity and understand how it can enrich our community. In this country, so many current leaders, entrepreneurs, and writers are coming from second generation from the immigrants of different countries. Our children are very lucky by birth. Very easily they are getting familiar with two cultures of two different continents. This knowledge of cultures will enrich their adjustability, acceptability and wisdom. It is wisdom that makes us happy by eliminating our confusion. BABA is working hard for this purpose besides its other activities.
This year, we have organized four programs: Ekushe February, Picnic, Chand RRaat and musical concert. Our team also contributed BABA to be financially strong. I would like to thank all of you who encouraged us by praising our works. Our critics have also helped us to improve our quality. To me, it is an immense experience to work for the community. I wanted to set an example in front of my kids so that they will be encouraged to work for the community when they will grow up. Thanks to my family, EC and BOT members, volunteers, sponsors, and above all the Bangladeshi Community of Bay Area.