What is love?

What do I think about love?

Love is like water. We cannot live without love. Yet one needs to be extremely careful about the amount of love he or she needs in their own life. We can easily be drowned if we jump into an immense sea of love; again thirst for love might cause us a dry death. Not too much, not too little – we need love with an exact amount.


Why is love so pivotal in human life?

Think about a relay race, where a group of people has to cover the same distance one after another by passing through a stick. Human life is like just this race. The same distance means a segmented period of one’s life, such as zero to twenty – twenty to forty – forty to sixty – sixty to eighty and the rest of the period. It is only me who comprise the group. The race starts, I run to pass the relay to me of my next segmented life. Without the successful passing of the relay, the race will not complete; even though I touch the end line. This relay symbols love, responsibility, affection, fulfillment and so on. Different phases of one’s lives need different kinds of relays. Nothing can complement love, when we need it. The journey will not complete; the race will not be fulfilled if we miss carrying the relay of love. Unless the feeling of contentment with love, we cannot reach  the next level of the segmented life. Love matures us; it eliminate out thirst. It inspires us. It makes us feel content. We cannot forget it until we get it. That is why, lack of enthusiasm sometimes pulls us away from growing big. 

 What is love?


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