A Great Fun in the Sun

Yesterday we had a great outing at the Sanborn park in Saratoga. ‘We’ means my family, few friends and a bunch of little known or unkwnon people. It was a community picnic. As a current president of our community, which is Bangladesh based, I was actively engaged to organize this event. Coincidently most of the male members of our organization was out of town. It was not an issue at all. Other than carrying heavy stuff, we were completely comfortable with our planning and execution. Besides, we have hired our husbands temporarily along with a mexican helper.

Summer is for party. There are graduation parties, birthday parties, camping trips, pre-Ramadan preparation and so on. People are too occupied to pick another event in their schedule. We haven’t expected a huge crowd. A good number of people are just new in this area. They have come here to know the community of Bangladesh in Bay Area. Thanks to my friends who have joined the party. The site was really very scenic. A good numbers of long trees surrounded the place. It is obvious that no hot day exists in this area. Shades are strong enough to kick it off.


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