The New American

During the dawn of computer era, Asians from different counties have been rushing to USA as white color employees. USA is said to be a melting pot. Are these Asians being melted smoothly? It is definite that 1st generation, who directly came from Asia to USA, is bringing their own culture and test from back-home with them and their social lives are separated with each other under the name of Chinese Community, Indian Community, Bangladeshi Community and Pakistan Community. How about their children – the second generation?

I will focus on the lives of second generation from the descendant of different communities. USA is their meeting place and how they meet with each other. Is there any collusion, disputation or smooth blending? Obviously there will be no sharp digital answer – yea or no. Sometimes people from the same background face difficulties to meet each other smoothly. That’s why I’ll not point out the usual human sentiments which cause issues on our everyday meeting. I will investigate the point if the second generation of Asians carries the same legacy of their ancestors’ geographical conflict?

In Asia, India and Pakistan are always on tensed relationship. So does China and India. Bangladesh achieved its liberation by fighting against Pakistan. A first generation of Bangladeshi cannot forget his/her country’s war of liberation when he/she meets a Pakistani. Their cultures are different. On the other hand, Bangladesh and Pakistan are Two Muslim countries. Religion is another bonding.  How much of these sentiments effect the second generation when they meet each other in USA?

The story will be told from the eyes of a 10 years old Bangladeshi origin boy, named Paris. His neighbors are Pakistani, Indian and Chinese. The Pakistani origin boy Osman is new in the neighborhood. Rohan, a boy from Indian origin, was Paris’s best friend before Paris met Osman. But when Osman has been added to the neighborhood, a new tension has been raised. At first there was a little collusion between two teenagers from Rohan and Osman’s families. Parents got involved in this dispute which made the incident worse. Pakistani family showed hot-tempered and argued against the Indian family. In return, Indian family called them terrorist. The word ‘terrorist’ carries a great legacy. Pakistanis are Muslim and nowadays there is a general perception about Muslims is they are terrorists. Especially India has been attacked by Muslim terrorists several times and these terrorists are trained in Pakistani soil. As a result of fact, Rohan and Osman are departed and cannot play together. Paris is in a difficult position. Rohan is his old best friend and Osman is his new best friend. He has to choose one. Somehow Paris feels closer to Osman. But the majority of the neighborhood is Indian origin dominated. If Paris picks Osman then he will be isolated and bullied by the other neighborhood children who are controlled by Rohan’s teenager brother. But Paris doesn’t feel like not to meet Osman regularly. Now all he wants is to solve the dispute among the neighbors so that they can meet each other without any legacy issues. Will he be able to do that?

The Story will be told from the eye of Paris’s point of view. He writes his journal every day. He will remember the old good time when everybody met and played together during playtime in the neighborhood. He will depict the bad time when they stop meeting and divided into groups. He will tell his ideas on getting the neighborhood back to its old good maritime when everybody can meet and play again.


What is love?

What do I think about love?

Love is like water. We cannot live without love. Yet one needs to be extremely careful about the amount of love he or she needs in their own life. We can easily be drowned if we jump into an immense sea of love; again thirst for love might cause us a dry death. Not too much, not too little – we need love with an exact amount.


Why is love so pivotal in human life?

Think about a relay race, where a group of people has to cover the same distance one after another by passing through a stick. Human life is like just this race. The same distance means a segmented period of one’s life, such as zero to twenty – twenty to forty – forty to sixty – sixty to eighty and the rest of the period. It is only me who comprise the group. The race starts, I run to pass the relay to me of my next segmented life. Without the successful passing of the relay, the race will not complete; even though I touch the end line. This relay symbols love, responsibility, affection, fulfillment and so on. Different phases of one’s lives need different kinds of relays. Nothing can complement love, when we need it. The journey will not complete; the race will not be fulfilled if we miss carrying the relay of love. Unless the feeling of contentment with love, we cannot reach  the next level of the segmented life. Love matures us; it eliminate out thirst. It inspires us. It makes us feel content. We cannot forget it until we get it. That is why, lack of enthusiasm sometimes pulls us away from growing big. 

 What is love?

A Great Fun in the Sun

Yesterday we had a great outing at the Sanborn park in Saratoga. ‘We’ means my family, few friends and a bunch of little known or unkwnon people. It was a community picnic. As a current president of our community, which is Bangladesh based, I was actively engaged to organize this event. Coincidently most of the male members of our organization was out of town. It was not an issue at all. Other than carrying heavy stuff, we were completely comfortable with our planning and execution. Besides, we have hired our husbands temporarily along with a mexican helper.

Summer is for party. There are graduation parties, birthday parties, camping trips, pre-Ramadan preparation and so on. People are too occupied to pick another event in their schedule. We haven’t expected a huge crowd. A good number of people are just new in this area. They have come here to know the community of Bangladesh in Bay Area. Thanks to my friends who have joined the party. The site was really very scenic. A good numbers of long trees surrounded the place. It is obvious that no hot day exists in this area. Shades are strong enough to kick it off.