Fun in the Sun

It was a great day. We had a community picnic at the Sanborn park in Saratoga. The scenic view beside the road has marvelled us while driving towards the destination. It was surely a forest. Pine, Oak and Redwood trees are standing around the park site like the most affectionate hosts. Their shade has protected us from midday summer heat.   

We have had fun, real fun in the sun. It was not just about good food in the woods or our traditional chit-chat with tea. We have played games. All apa, bhabi and aunties have participated in the game of  pillow passing (hot potato), memory game. There was tag of war among the men, though it ended up with torn rope. As the site was vast as well as safe, kids have had no boundary, no policing eyes of their parents. They were the most embellished enjoyful.   

I can remember that during my early years of living in Bay Area, which is twelve years ago,  BABA organized couple of gorgious picnic. After that there was a vacant period for a while. Even though there was any BABA picnic on and off, the presence of community was not that good. But this type of gathering halps new residents of this area, as they get chance to meet other Bangladeshis. That’s why BABA program is kind of medicine for the new arrivals to be freed from their loneliness.